Submit Your Own Metaphor

Join the conversation and tell us about your favorite metaphor from the 108 and submit your own metaphor, if you have one!


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  1. Whichever one of the 108 metaphors I’m reading at any moment is my favorite. They’re all very relevant, simple ideas to help create peace and contentment in our lives, while living in a world that can sometimes seem hectic.

    A favorite metaphor of mine, which I revisit at times, is the one in which I perceived myself as a fish, swimming in a turbulent sea, getting caught in the kelp bed and feeling lost, swimming from the sharks, caught by the fisherman’s hook or net.
    With mindfulness, I learned to be a good swimmer. I learned to recognize the nets and hooks, and knew I could swim around them. I realized that I could be aware of the sharks and when they were hungry, I could dart into a protected cave, or swim in the other direction. I learned that when I swim into the kelp bed, there’s always a way out if I am calm and patient. I also learned that the kelp bed is a very beautiful place, if I’m not too frightened to notice, and a good place to hide from the sharks!

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